Friday, 7 September 2007

Making progress

Today has been really productive - we have got the front yard just about there. Today we went and hired another high pressure cleaner and cleaned the pavers on the front entrance and up the side of the pub. AL, Dan and I moved the last of the stones to the front yard and then used the pressure cleaner to wash the sand off the stones - I should have taken a photo when the stones were wet as they look so much nicer than when they are dry. Thank goodness we have had a fair bit of rain lately as we were able to use the tank water to do all this cleaning - otherwise we wouldn't have been able to do it. Here's hoping that the weather stays fine tomorrow as the pavers will all be dry and I put a coat or two of sealer onto them.

When we went out at lunch time to take the pressure cleaner back, we stopped at a nursery to have a look at some plant pots and saw some nice little plants we could use around the water feature - came very close to buying them but then thought it would be better if we waited until we get back in case they don't get enough water and die. We have already had two lots of mini mondo grass in the water feature (at about $80 a pop) which have died so don't want to tempt fate by putting anything in the week before we leave and then expecting it to be alive when we get home in 4 weeks time.

This afternoon we mulched and put pine bark on the plants in the front yard and Al was busy changing some plants into bigger pots and putting new plants into pots. Once the sealer is all done we can get the plant pots where we want them so I think that before we leave we will be really close to having the front yard and all the pot plants sorted out which will be great as it will mean only the back yard and the painting of the garage (I still haven't gotten around to doing that - was going to do it today but the plants have taken longer than expected) and the front wall. Oh yes and sorting out the grass / garden in the front of the front fence and alongside the driveway. We are thinking of growing a bit of a hedge along the driveway to stop the postie from driving across the grass and driveway each day !!!! They are supposed to drive up your driveway and not along your property but none of them ever do - it would make their postie round so much longer if they did.

These are the latest photos taken after all the work done today (well some of them are from before we starting moving the stones on Sunday / Monday night / Tuesday night !!!! ) - I feel really good about what we have managed to accomplish to - it has been a really productive day. Here's hoping that tomorrow continues in the same vein - and that the weather continues to be good to us -

Tonight we are off to friends for dinner - Kaitlin is going to a party with some people from work so we will spend the evening catching up with our friends before we leave IN 8 SLEEPS TIME !!! Gosh but it has come around so quickly - when we booked our accommodation months and months ago - it seemed like forever away - now it is next week that we leave.

This week we managed to book our 3 nights accommodation in Madrid - will worry about where we will stay in Barcelona and the last night in Madrid when we get over there. Now if we could only find out which of the (seems like a gazillion) Hertz pick up locations is closest to our hotel - we would be able to book our car hire. I did e-mail the hotel but am not sure if they will have someone who can read English receiving the e-mails. Think I will take the address of the hotel and the addresses of the Herz places to school and see if the Spanish teacher can help me out. This is the website of the hotel in Madrid

Well I am off to make dessert for tonight and then have a shower so that we can be on our way - have a fantastic weekend everyone and go safely !

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