Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Happy New Year to You !

Well another long drinks between posts although I am sure that everyone has been too busy to have read anything I wrote anyway.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas wherever you were and whomever you were with and that 2008 brings you everything you wish for yourself.

Our surprise party for Dad was very successful - he was surprised so that was a good thing. This is the link to the photos from his party if you are interested Everyone seemed to have a good time - there was plenty of food and drink and most importantly we had a great time.

We had a lovely Christmas day lunch with our family and our extended family. We had family from Perth and South Africa share the day with us and all had a good time. I did eat too much food (actually I think we probably all ate too much food). Luckily the weather was good to us - normally it is as hot as Hades - this year we had a much cooler day with a nice breeze and not the blazing hot sun we have got used to since we arrived here 8 years ago. This is the link for the photos from Christmas day

I haven't had any time off over the Christmas period. Al had the two weeks over Christmas and New Year. Kaitlin was working on and off back at Bakers Delight and seems to be very happy there. Everyone was sad to see her go from Muffin Break and happy at BD to see her back.

Kaitlin starts at QAHS on 29th January. She has found out that there are a couple of children who live in the neighbourhood who are also going there and has met up with some of them so at least they won't be going to school not knowing anyone. Their uniforms are very smart - white shirts and charcoal skirts to the knee with 3 knife pleats over the left knee. Their sports uniforms also look very smart. They do have the option of wearing long pants in winter as well. I will post some photos once we have them taken. She is very happy playing with her computer - it is so tiny - not sure that I would be able to work on it for umteen hours a day.

Well it is just about time to be on our way to Coles - take care everyone and go safely.