Tuesday, 23 January 2007

January 07 update

Well - we are well and truly into the 2007 and it feels like an absolute age ago that I had a few days off from work. That is until this week - I have taken the week off from Coles - just for a break. They had a stock count last night and Al went in for 4 hours - his leg was a little sore when he got home last night but he is looking at going back to packing next week when I go back on Wednesday night.

It is Australia Day on Friday 26th Jan and we have managed to get some time share in Noosa for the week so we will be going up there on Friday morning and coming home (straight to school and work) on Monday morning. It is only about 2 hours north of us so it shouldn't be too bad. But, given that we will be up early in the morning I didn't think I would be wanting to pack until 1am on Tuesday morning !!!!! Dad and Mom will be going up on Tuesday after their paper rounds and spending the rest of the week there so it will be good for them to be able to have a break as well.

Tomorrow we are off to Brisbane to see the specialist about Al's leg. It should be an interesting appointment as it will be the first since we stopped moving his leg around so it will give us a good indication of the bone growth which has taken place and how much longer he is likely to have the frame on. He is managing very well without his crutches now which is great because at one point it seemed like he was never going to get off of them.

We have been having unbearably hot weather here lately - thank goodness for air-conditioning - I don't know how we would have managed without it. I have even been in the pool a couple of times although sometimes the water is so warm it isn't even refreshing - it is just like getting into a warm bath !!!!

I hope that you are all OK and that things are going well in your world - take care and go safely !

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

January 07

Things are still going well for all of us. Kaitlin is enjoying her holidays and is getting a fair few shifts at work. Alan has, once again, got an infection in his leg and so is, once again, on another course of anti-biotics. The good thing is that on the previous occasions these anti-biotics have worked - the battle with this type of infection seems to be making sure that you treat it with the right medicine and thankfully they have managed to find the right medicine the first time and not go through a range of medicines trying to find which one the infection responds to.

The first 20/20 game between Australia and England is on - it is becoming a little one-sided (nothing new with the way the cricket between these two countries has been going lately)

Alan went back to work this week and no doubt, by now, feels like he never had a holiday. I went to see a specialist rheumatoid guy today because of the aches that I have in my knees and elbows (and it turns out it is probably related to my back pain as well) and I have finally got the reason for the aches - not that he can actually help get rid of them but at least it is not all in my head (which is what I was starting to think as the blood tests and the x-rays have all been normal) - the long and the short of it is (and the way I understood what he said) that due to my dreadful sleeping patterns, I am lacking serotonin and this has caused my brain to amplify the feeling in my knees, elbows and back which now registers as an ache. IF I can improve my sleeping pattern and increase the serotonin levels, I shouldn't have the aches anymore. I just wish it was as easy to remedy as it sounds. I am now looking into sleep clinics in the Brisbane area and will see what they can offer.

We caught up with Marie Brown on the weekend who is out here visiting her daughter Vanessa. We manage a catch up meal whenever she is out here. All seems to be well with the Brown family.

Well - am off to watch the rest of the cricket - not that England have a hope in hell of coming anywhere close to our score. Take care everyone and go safely.