Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Our baby is now 16 !!!!!!!!!!

K's birthday has come and gone - who would have thought that 16 years ago Al and I were driving to Ouma's home from the hospital with this tiny little thing who was too small for any clothes we had so we had to stop off at Reggie's to buy some premie clothes that fitted her !!!! Now she has her learner's licence and is raring to get on the roads !! Thank you for all the birthday wishes you sent - she will be mailing you to say thank you herself as soon as she gets a chance.

Life is extremely busy for all of us - with the accelerated learning that K is doing, she really doesn't have much time to herself. I do feel very sorry for her at times - I would hate to have to do the work that she is doing - but she is doing it well and accepting the challenges thrown her way and I do believe it is the best thing that she could have done. This system has extended her in ways none of us would have thought possible.

Work is going well - long hours over month end are the go right now although I am hoping that once I get the job under control, it won't be that bad. It is a case of getting my head around the terminology, the costings, the departments and the different systems that each hospital uses. I have four hospitals - each using 3 different systems and a joint venture which is included then excluded and then included somewhere else - all to be accounted for each month - not an easy task I have to say but certainly a challenging one !!!

My studies have been on hold last week and this week as we are having a mid-semester break. It has allowed me to get my assignment finished - now I just need Al and K to finish proof reading it and then I can get it printed and bound and handed in next week. I have done no studying for my exam in two weeks time - will tackle that this coming weekend.

Next weekend we are off to Sydney for a friend's 40th birthday. Al and I fly down on Friday morning and are going to Taronga Zoo for the day. Then K flys down in the early evening and we will pick her up from the airport. We will be there until Sunday night when we fly back to Coolangatta - hopefully it won't be too cold down there !!!!

I hope you are all well and that things are going well wherever in the world you are - take care and look after yourselves !