Friday, 31 August 2007

YAY for Gold Coast Show Day

Due to a holiday on the Gold Coast for Show Day (something a bit like the Royal Show) we have the day off today which meant a short week and you can never say no to those - what a pity we don't get more of them !!!!

During the week I decided that today would be the day for me to do our tax returns - something which isn't (normally) that hard to do - it is just a pain and so I keep on putting it off. But, they need to be done before we leave for Spain so said I would do them this morning. Not so fast Linda, a few things have happened this year which have made them a little tricky so, while I have got most of them done, I haven't finished them as I will have to have some outside help - bugger !!!!! Never mind - at least they are mostly done.

Al has spent the day outside moving sand (see pics from Mid Renovations 2007) from the front garden to the back and then leveling the front garden. And he has also been helping the next door neighbour put in a GPS and depth finder on his boat. Kaitlin has been working on her assignments and doing her chores around the house. All in all a good day to get a jump start on what we want to do over the weekend. I think we need to revise our list of what still needs to be done - there are so many 'chain reaction' jobs I am starting to wonder where to start - we need to move the plants to sort out the garden - can't do that until I have sealed the pavers - can't do that until Al has finished moving the soil as the wheel barrow is making marks on the pavers which will have to be washed before I seal - and that is just one of the chain reactions on the go at the moment !!!!! I am trying to be patient with all of this - I know it will get done eventually - I really just want it all finished NOW so that we can sit back and enjoy it !!!!!

Last weekend the orientation day at Griffith was great - except for the rain !!!! I am so much happier about the decision to let her move now. The principal sounds very motivated and so passionate about what she does. Then I found out that she worked at a school up the road from us where the Dean of Students is the lady who trained Kaitlin for South Coast schools softball side so I spoke to her about the principal. Sharon could not speak highly enough of her - it was so good to hear that our perceptions of her from Saturday were right. She was sooooo excited that Kaitlin had been offered a position at QA. She said that about 720 kids wrote the exams and they are only going to be starting up with about 220 - 250 students so she has done extremely well to have been offered a position there. They are building the school across the road from Griffith University (for those who know - on the other side of Smith St where the hospital was going to go) - it is a $40million dollar facility with state of the art everything. The whole place will be wireless and the classes will be paperless classes - EVERYTHING will be done on a laptop / slate / tablet. All textbooks will be digitised and pre-loaded onto your device - I cannot imagine studying without having a book open in front of my but apparently that is the way the students of today are going. In the textbooks there are options to put sticky notes, underline, highlight and make notes in the margins !!!!! Give me a book or a piece of paper anytime - if I have to read more than a page on the PC I print it out and read it !!!!!

Tomorrow Kaitlin will be working as 'the muffin girl' at Muffin Break - we will be going for our (lapsed) customary Saturday morning muffin before hitting the shops doing some Father's Day shopping. Plus we need to look at getting new runners as Al and I have both been getting home from Coles and complaining that our feet are sore. AMart All Sports are having a sale at the moment so will try to get there to see if we can find anything suitable. I found a really good pair last week except they only had 1 shoe and couldn't find the other !!!!! I rang around to the other stores but nobody had the right size. Maybe I will try some others on tomorrow. We did manage to get Kaitlin a new pair of runners on sale so that was good.

Sunday is Father's Day over here so we are going to go to the lovely little place at the sailing school around the corner from us for breakfast and then in the evening my folks are coming over for dinner - not sure what we will have yet - will depend on whether Al wants to cook or not - if he does it will probably be a BBQ and if not, it will be something else !!! Will have to check what he would like for dessert - maybe something from the Cheesecake Shop ?????

Well it is time for me to go and see what I am going to organise for dinner tonight - will have to see what I can scrounge out of the freezer as I know that the fridge looks like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard - bare as !!!!! We will probably have to fit in a visit to Coles tomorrow otherwise the state of the fridge will not change.

Take care everyone and have a fantastic weekend !

This is the link to the latest photos of the renovations

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