Sunday, 27 April 2008

April (nearly May) update

Who would have believed that it is nearly May already. Before we know it K will have her licence and be out on the roads !!!!! She has already arranged for my folks to take her for her learner's licence on Monday 12th May and wanted to know who was going to pay for her licence when she passes !!! It is $17.50 to write the learners exam - we said we would pay for one learners test - and then $65 if you pass to actually get issued with your learners licence - I guess we will be paying for that when she passes as well !!!! Then it will be up to Al to teach her because I don't think I will be any good at it. According to the new laws the kids now have to have a certain number of hours with a driving school, so many logged hours of day and night driving as well as some other things which I can't remember !!!

I started my new job on Wednesday - what a different environment it is - so much more dynamic that the school (or any of the other jobs I have had come to think of it) but it is certainly a challenge and one that I am looking forward to meeting. The hours are longer but at the moment that isn't a problem - I am happy to put the hours in for the challenge that this job presents. I guess if it gets too much I can always look for something else but for now I am really happy that I made the move.

It was ANZAC Day on Friday so we have had a long weekend - which has been great. I spent Friday working on my assignment for anatomy and physiology and then on Saturday we went up to Redlands Bay (where K plays softball) as there was the Southern Cross Tournament on - between some Qld state and club sides and some sides over from NZ - they are hoping to have the tournament every year over the ANZAC weekend. So that was all very relaxing except that I landed up with the worst headache ever - it is just hovering at the back of my head at the moment - hope it is all gone tomorrow as I have lots to do at work and don't want to have to put up with a headache at the same time.

Today we went for brunch with one of the ladies who used to work with me at SSC - she invited us over before I left work. We had a great time there - chatting away about all sorts of things. Al gets on very well with her husband who used to play baseball for Australia so they have lots in common to talk about and of course the two of us could talk the hind leg off a donkey given half a chance. The good thing was that apart from the initial conversation, work at SSC never even came up although I did get to hear all the goss on what has happened since I left - who would have thought that so much could have happened in two days !!!!!

Well - I am off to watch the last of the footy - take care and keep in touch !

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Suzy said...

I was always too nervous to teach my kids to drive. They had lessons. Hard to believe that they grow up so quickly isn't it!?
Good luck in your new job xx